Guidelines for Visitors



Respected visitors!

          Guests visit school regularly for meeting faculty, admissions, entry tests, documentation and to collect fee bills etc. The academic and co/extra-curricular activities at the institution follow a preplanned schedule. Any interference results in disturbing the timetable and thus affects the learning environment of children.

          In this regards, all visitors are requested to follow the instructions given below:-

a.   Visiting Timings:    1100 - 1300 hrs (Mon to Thurs)                                                                1100 to 1200 hrs (Fri)

b.   Meeting with Principal, Section Head or Teacher: Parents to coordinate timings a day in advance with concerned staff so that Principal, Section Head or teacher is free from his/her activity.   






Guests visiting hours during working days have been specified from 1100  hrs to 1300 hrs on Mon to Thurs and from 1100 hrs to 1200 hrs on Fri. Receptionist at the main gate will ensure implementation/observance of these timings in true ltr and spirit without creating  fuss and overcrowding/ disturbance. CSO will oversee/ monitor the activity for smooth functioning.

2.         Following procedure will be adopted/ adhered:-

a.         All visitors will be dealt politely at the entry point/ reception and will be        allowed to entry during visiting hours specified above.

b.         Visitors who have obtained prior appointment will be allowed to enter premises before 1100 hrs.

c.         Any visitors called by the Principal, SHs, Discipline Incharge, Class            teacher, HOD, School Admin will be allowed after confirmation from their                  office if not informed in advance.

d.         In case the visitor has been referred by the Higher HQ to deliver a letter or parcel before 1100 hrs, it will be kept at reception and handed over to concerned Branch of main office. However, after 1100 hrs he will be allowed to deliver himself.

e.         One a student irrespective of any class enters inside the school premises, he will not allowed to go outside prior to closer of school unless permitted by class teacher etc and student should be in possession of permission slip.

3.         Following visitors will be allowed/ not allowed before 1100 hrs:-      

            a.         Allowed

                        (1)       HQ AAD Comd Staff.

                        (2)       APSACS Sectt Staff.

                        (3)       First Day of School.       

                        (4)       Parents of Injured/ sick student.

                        (5)       Armed Forces Officers Lt Col and above (in uniform).

                        (6)       Post Man/ TCS/ Leopard courier rep.

                        (7)       Admission cases with PRO.

                        (8)       Parents/ visitors called by School authorities.

            b.         Not Allowed

                        (1)       Main Office for any work (except specially permitted by Principal).

                        (2)       Teacher meeting.

                        (3)       Stationary Shop.     




Col (R)


(Amir Hamza)