Adherence to Covid-19 Protocols at APSA

                                                                                           APSAC ORDNANCE ROAD
                                                                            ADHERENCE OF COVID 19 PROTOCOLS & SOPS
Dear Parents
These are unprecedented times where every aspect of life has been affected due to Covid-19 pandemic. Education of our children also suffered due to closure of schools and suspension of face to face learning. When Government decided to reopen the schools, extreme care was undertaken in formulation and implementation of the Covid prevention SOPs. The details of all the measures were shared with parents before reopening in Urdu and English languages. These are being shared again to dispel any rumors or misinformation.
Prevention steps taken by the school are as under:-
a. Wearing of masks are mandatory for everyone.
b. During arrival and pack times, students are guided to walk on proper lanes marked on ground at safe distances.
c. Temperature and symptoms of every student and staff are checked at the entry. Suspected cases are sent back.
d. Disinfectant mats are available at all entry points and it is mandatory for all to step on those before entering school building.
e. Hand sanitizers have been placed in all class rooms and offices. Students sanitize their hands whenever they enter the class.
f. Seating plan of each class conforms to the Covid protocols and safe distances are maintained
g. Teachers observe the students and in the event of any symptom, the parents are informed and child is sent home.
h. Thorough disinfection of complete school is carried out every week.
On receipt of information regarding Covid positive case following is done:-
a. When a parent informs about Covid result of the student or any family member, they are asked to quarantine the student at home for 10 days.
b. If a Covid positive student comes to class and school is informed late then the respective group of the class is closed for 10 days.
c. Covid positive students are asked to rejoin after obtaining –ve report.
d. If a teacher shows symptoms, he / she is asked to undergo Covid test before joining school. In case a Covid positive teacher comes to school, the complete wing would be closed.
School administration is doing its best to ensure safety of students, teachers and staff. We hope that parents will cooperate with school and ensure adherence to preventive measures at home as well.
Looking forward for your cooperation.