Medical Facilities

College maintains a proper ‘Sick Room’ under qualified male Nursing Staff of Army Medical Corps. First aid facilities and medicines of emergency nature are available at the ‘Sick Room’.

Computer Laboratories

The School has 03 well equipped Computer Laboratories for Senior, Middle and Junior Classes.

Day Care

The school also maintain a Day Care Center to facilitate the staff. Trained female staff is hired to look after children, keeping in view hygiene and cleanliness.


The school has a generator to be used in extreme hot weather, so that students can study in comfortable environment during electricity breakdown.

Stationary Shop

School / College has its own stationery shop to facilitate the students in case they require any thing. prices are reasonable and students can get all the necessary items within the school premises.


School administration is proud to launch preschool classes from April 2020. New and trained staff is hired for the preschool section where quality grooming and initial care of the students will be done.

Winter and Summer Amenities

Classrooms, offices and staff rooms are provided with gas heaters during winters. The School has electric water-cooler, refrigerator and deep-freezer to meet the requirement of cold water during summer.


The School vans are used for school duties, study trips, ambulance

Libraries/Science Laboratories

The School has 03 fairly well stocked libraries with 12,833 books and  04 well equipped science laboratories.


Adequate arrangements for See-Saw, Merry-go-Rounds and climbing Ladders for juniors and Basket-Ball, Football, Athletics, Table Tennis and Badminton for seniors are made in the school/college.

Academic Support plan for Board Classes

Extra coaching and remedial classes are arranged for struggling learners to improve their results. Staff stays back to facilitate the students.


To discourage students from eating from the road side vendors, the school maintains a canteen within the school premises. Quality of eatables is checked and supervised to ensure health and clean items.


In January 2020 the institution arranged first MUN for the students. It was a well organized and properly executed programme. This practice shall continue in future to provide a platform to students for preparing for their future endeavors.